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Your Session:


Each bodywork session is customized to fit your own particular needs and unique requirements in order to achieve the greatest and longest lasting results for you in the shortest amount of time. Several different modalities might be used within a single session in order to best address both chronic (long standing) pain patterns, as well as to provide the quickest relief from acute (more recent) injuries and limitations felt within the body.


The approach taken to all deep tissue work and other similar, more intense kinds of therapeutic bodywork, is one that is based upon working within your own individual "edge" of pressure and level of discomfort for the specific area(s) being focused on for that particular day of your session.


This approach allows for the area that is most tight, sensitive, and causing pain in the body to be released in a more inviting way (rather than "forcing it" to let go) which ends up achieving a much more beneficial and sustainable result for the area, or areas, being worked with. "No pain, no gain" is not the idea here, but rather, the philosophy is "that already traumatized muscle tissue cannot be released by further traumatizing the muscle tissue".





All bodywork services are offered mobily  (to your home, office, or studio) available within a 50-mile radius of Fort Collins, Colorado.


*If an in-home session does not work for you, please contact me directly so we can figure out a way to best accommodate your needs.



Lotions & Oils Used:


All lotions, creams, and oils used during your session are of the highest quality all natural ingredients (i.e. Calendula, Arnica, Vit A, E, Oil of Avocado, Coconut, etc.), and are free of any and all preservatives, chemicals, and other synthetic ingredients.


All essential oils used both topically and aromatically are 100% pure therapeutic grade DoTerra essential oils.

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