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Group Sound Meditations with ancient
Tibetan singing bowls, Paiste gongs, & other Sacred Sound instruments
In each event, participants will be guided through a series of seated listening and breathing techniques (designed for significantly reducing stress, more effectively managing negative emotional states, as well as developing increased levels of focus and self-awareness), followed by an extended Tibetan singing bowl & Gong Sound Meditation practice where they can simply lie back, settle into a quieter state of mind, and listen in an environment intended to support, strengthen, and cultivate one's own inner sense of well-being.

Classes and workshops range from 1 1/2 to 2 hours long. A one of a kind combination of highly specialized sound instruments will be used, consisting of: 

- 20 authenticated ancient Tibetan singing bowls 
- 38" Paiste planetary Sun gong
- 28" Paiste planetary Jupiter gong
- 24" Paiste planetary Moon gong

All Tibetan bowls will be amplified by a stereo quality sound system to create one of the
most powerful and immersive sound meditation experiences you have ever had!


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