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In ancient times, cultures around the world valued massage as the life-enhancing tool it is – like exercise, meditation, and nourishing food, massage was recognized as a staple of a balanced life, integral to the long-term health of the body.

Besides being highly relaxing, Massage Therapy improves the overall condition and health of the body. Much of the daily pain and discomfort we come to expect from our bodies can be greatly reduced and even eliminated through a regular regimen of massage. (Unedited Caroline!!!)


Blended Sessions
Most sessions blend a variety of the modalities listed below.  While all sessions are designed specifically for the needs of an individual, a blended session uses two or more modalities to address a specific area of concern, to address a specific area and give a sense of full body, or to simply add variety to a session.  Sessions may also be blended with Expressive Arts, if requested.


Specific Modalities
A session using just one type of bodywork in it's pure form can also be extremely potent.  For example, a session of purely circulatory or sensory repatterning can be the most deeply relaxing.  To address problem areas, a full session of deep tissue sculpting or neuromuscular therapy might be most helpful in relieving pain.  To address feelings of being stuck or chronic tensions, sensory repatterning may be the most beneficial.  Discuss your session goals with your therapist to help you get the most out of your session. (Unedited Elizabeth!!!)

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